High-Intensity Interval Training

The RedLine High-Intensity Interval Training program will improve our member’s over-all athletic performance. Our HIIT program is designed to focus on the key dimensions of Speed, Power and Core. This program, while not sport-specific, will deliver improvements in overall speed, full body strength and core conditioning for balance and stability. Delivered in a small group setting, High-Intensity Interval Training at RedLine Athletics, is a convenient and affordable way to improve overall fitness and develop the athleticism to excel in your chosen sports.

Group Training • Individual Results • Team Benefits

At RedLine, our HIIT group training is like no other Youth Athletic Training Center. Our Group Fitness approach, creates a special mentorship culture. We concentrate not only on making our members better athletes, but focus on character, and mentoring their peers, making them better adults. The training changes daily to maximize the fitness level of each athlete. The High Intensity Athletic training program at RedLine is ideal for teams, leagues and clubs who desire not only improved athleticism in their youth athletes, but also on building character, working as a team, and helping each other!